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100% of proceeds from the first 200 orders and 10% of every subsequent order will be donated to The Very Asian Foundation. They are committed to amplifying diverse AAPI voices through education, storytelling, and community connection.

DOMO Collective is a marketplace for foodie jewelry by Asian makers. Born from the #VeryAsian movement, it all began with a racist insult directed at our founder's friend, a Korean American television news anchor about being "very Asian." It has since ignited a rallying cry for Asians across the globe.

When KSDK anchor Michelle Li in St. Louis, MO shared that she ate a traditional Korean dumpling soup on New Year's Day during a newscast, she received a voicemail from a viewer who criticized her for being "very Asian" and told her to "keep her Korean to herself." Those racial remarks, intended to cut Michelle down, have now become a unifying slogan of pride for Asians around the world as they embrace their heritage and reclaim their identity, sparking the #VeryAsian movement. 

"Domo" means "very" in Japanese and is a nod to this global conversation.

Food is a universal language that breaks down barriers and unites us all. The hashtag #VeryAsian goes beyond championing Asian pride. Let's come together as one COLLECTIVE and stand up for equality.